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Triad's Routing Station is made up of two basic components: the Gen II Squaring Table and the Router Bridge.  The Gen II Squaring Table is designed to have an existing framed wall rolled into place which is then squared and power clamped.  Sheathing is then placed on the framed wall either by hand or with the assistance of the optional Material Handler located on the Router Bridge.  Once in position, the sheathing is simply pinned at the corners using hand held fastener tools.  The operator then guides the Router Bridge to the desired opening location manually or with the optional joystick feature.  A 3 ¼ HP router is turned on and plunges into the sheathing and is guided around opening perimeters by the hand crank or optional joystick.  The guide on the router bit keeps the bit from overshooting.  Upon completion of the routed opening, the operator disengages the router and then presses the optional automatic return selector, sending the Router Bridge back to its original parked position.  The squared wall is now ready to roll onto the Sheathing Station.


  • All bridge operations accomplished from a single control panel by a single operator
  • Quick adjust stops for 2 x 4, 2 x 6 routing
  • Rapid, effortless routing


  • Joystick operates all functions
  • Automatic panel conveyor
  • Automatic return to the park position
  • Material handler with rheostat speed control allows faster operator placement of sheathing.

Gen II Squaring Table Standard Features

  •   Tape track for component, window, and door opening placement
  •   Rack and pinion
  •   Double blow by
  •   Center floor grates
  •   Power width adjust for various wall heights
  •   Heavy duty rollers with roller bearings
  •   Includes rails to accommodate bridge
  •   Continuous squaring lip for precision squaring
  •   Simple push buttons on fixed side of table to operate table in and  out 
  •   Leveling bolts
  •   Standard tan paint


  •   Touch control ribbon
  •   Knee wall feature for short walls
  •   Chain conveyor
  •   Quad push button controls
  •   Hinged floor grates
  •   Electrical outlets
  •   Auto tool dollies
  •   Table opens 1/2" increments
  •   Perimeter floor grating
  •   Flow through squaring stops
  •   Alarm on conveyor to warn of movements
  •   Extra air hook ups
  •   Choice of colors


  •   Electrical 110V, 1PH, 10A
  •   Air  ½ NPT @ 100 PSI
  •   Shipping weight 6000 lbs. (20' length)