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Triad's Smart Stair Router (SSR) was designed to provide years of rugged service with the accuracy of Computer Numerical Control.  An operator can load 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 stringers, enter menu driven parameters with a state of the art touch screen monitor, and press "Run"!  Triad's SSR does the rest!  Two heavy duty routers will cut the top or bottom stringer only, or both stringers simultaneously with the specified profile.  It will automatically index the material the proper distance, the appropriate number of times, and do it again!  Triad's SSR can accommodate standard stair profiles, no-riser profiles, and split stringer configurations, open stringer. User configured "Hard" or "Soft" wood selections automatically adjust the router feed rate to maximize performance. 

Over the course of the last several years, 
Triad has put a significant amount of research and development into upgrading the technology of our SSR. New pro
gramming now allows for 520  routing options-- the original automated version allowed eight. We have also added the capability to cut an Open Stringer  with this machine. The SSR can accommodate a Multi-Flight option that allows an operator to program more than one flight of stairs into the same stringer, and a Multi-Order feature to back up several orders at a time until the machine is ready.

Machine Features:

  • Two heavy duty 2HP, 3PH belt driven routers with ½" capacity collets.

  • Two stepper linear actuators for cutting stair profiles.

  • One Servo/Stepper drive wheel for material indexing.

  • 628 lb. Vertical clamp, and 352 lb. Horizontal clamp

  • Industrial computer interface with Pentium 100 MHz processor running in Window NT operating system.  Utilizes 3.5" floppy drive and 10 ½" diagonal color touch screen.

  • Heavy duty structural steel construction with built in leveling feet.
    Coordinated, 4 Axis Motion Controller.

  • Shipping Weight:  1200

Machine Specifications:

  • Shipping Weight  1200 pounds

  • Dimensions 7'W x 7'L x 6'H

  • Motors Rt. & Lt. 2 HP 3 PH

  • Air Supply 100 PSI, ½" dedicated line

  • Electrical 240 VAC, 3 PH, 20A

  • Tread 8" to 12 ½"

  • Riser 5 ½" to 9"

  • Nose Clearance  ½" to 3"

  • Nose Extension  ½" to 2"

  • Tread Thickness 1" to 1 ¾"

  • Stringer Material 2 x 10, 2 x 12, 5/4 x 10 and 5/4 x 12

  • No Riser Menu Selectable

  • Stringer Mode Hardwood and Softwood Standard

  • Bit Size 7/8 diameter straight flute RH or LH