Reconditioned - Monet FWA 500 Saw

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Monet Desauw FWA 500 Web Saw

This machine was mechanically rebuilt: All critical parts repaired or replaced.

A unique adjustable Lumber Feeding Magazine allows the sawyer to load up to 8 random length pieces at a time which allows rapid re-load. Heavy Duty Lumber Hold Downs provide positive, solid holding power for each piece. Each piece is held firmly in place during the initial trimming and the final cutting process.

Cut components at 60 per min. on the FWA 500 and realize its full potential! External Cut-Off Saw allows cutting random length and reprocessing Cut-Offs. The FWA 500 is designed with the sawyer's safety in mind! All E-Stops stop the cut-off blade in approximately three seconds! A Safety Cable across the rear is yet another safety feature that will allow your catcher to activate the emergency shut-off system.

Electric Digital Readouts allow making preparations from the front of the saw without opening the enclosure doors. Only Two Angulation Settings Are Required! Two motors on each end of the saw are pinned together 90 degrees from each other so that they always rotate around the centerline of your 3x2, 4x2, & 6x2's. Scales/Pointers Provide Backup Verification for the digital readouts.

Minimum Length Cuts
Square Edge Blocks: 7 inches
Floor Truss Webs: 13 1/2 inches

Saw Blade Angulation
Motorized angulation of each pair of blades by a linear actuator allows the sawyer to reset each pair of motor angles quickly. Single cuts are made by adjusting the blades toward or away from the centerline rotation.

Standard Features:
  • Powered Angulation
  • Electric Digital Readout 
  • Mechanical Scales
  • Adjustable 90 Degrees Cut-Off Saw
  • Blade Brakes on all 5 Saw Blades
  • Adjustable Lumber Feeding Magazine
  • Cuts 3x2, 4x2, & 6x2 Lumber
  • Standard Cutting Capacity 4.5 ft.
  • Heavy Duty Feed Conveyor
  • Feed Rate 0-60 Boards per min.
  • Heavy Duty Conveyor *80 Chain
  • OSHA Compliant Safety Guards
  • Dust Containment Curtains
  • Dust Hoods
  • Emergency Stop Cable Across Rear
  • Em. Stops & Bump Bar on Front
  • Full Length Vibrating Waste Conveyor 
  • Heavy Duty Frame (3 x 6 x 1/2")
  • Controls UL® & cUL® Approved
  • 460 VAC 3 Phase (60 amp) 60 Hertz

Options Available:
  • 12' Scrap Incline Conveyor Belt - $4,700
Mechanical Rebuild:
  • Cleaned up control panel wiring and replaced all wiring harnesses from the panel to all devices
  • Test ran all saw motors and checked for noise, runout or play  
  • Replaced digital angulation controllers
  • Replaced all switches and pushbutton operators
  • Replaced lumber feed motor and drive bar
  • Serviced pneumatic saw brakes * all (5) heads
  • Replaced feed chains and (2) wear plates
  • Replaced upper hold wear bars and chains
  • Installed (5) new 16” ct saw blades
  • Replaced various guards and all safety decals
  • Installed new manual angulation scales
  • Cycle tested saw and cut lumber
  • This machine is wired for 480/3/60 volt operation