Used - 2015 WOODRUNNER

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The WoodRunner WR-2 lumber retrieval system seeks and retrieves the exact boards needed to cut. The core of the system is a trolley with an automated picking head. The trolley moves back and forth on a runway truss positioned over lumber carts while the picking head’s laser scans below. After locating the specific piece of lumber needed, the picking head uses a powerful vacuum to hold the board while moving it to the infeed deck.
  • 16’ maximum material length with 4 lumber carts and 1 manual load magazine cart, with guide tracks.
  • Updated to vacuum lifting with automated picking head.
  • Infeed deck holds up to 12 2x4s in queue, and operates independently of the picking head.
  • A frame style overhead transport with single board picking.
  • 30’ long system with 5 lumber stations.
  • Perimeter safety system utilizes a powerful spring brake chamber to stop the trolley rapidly in an emergency.
  • Perimeter safety system includes safety fence and operator console enclosure.
  • Wired for 230 volt x 3 phase operation.