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1999 Omni Mini-Miser Cutting & Marking System. (1) Face Printing, (4) Lumber Infeed Magazines, and Bulk Feeder.

-The most efficient system available for production of wall frame components

-Two to three times the production rate of laser systems

-"On The Fly" printing, production rate not affected by amount printed

-Prints layout and part id information on one face

-Cutting list, stud locations, and part id information downloaded directly from design department -minimizes human error

-The only system available with automated material handling

-Material sizes from 2x3 through 2x12, up to 16 feet in length.

-Modular printing and automated material feed systems can be configured to meet specific customer needs

-Cutting accuracy within 1/32 of an inch

Options Available:

-Installation & Operator Training

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Priced at $9,400