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2006 Hundegger Speed-Cut SC-1 Whole House Saw. Cutting, Drilling, Milling, Marking, and Printing capabilities.

The Hundegger SC-1 can handle any component size from ½" X 1" to 7" X 18". The saw can also cut 2X dimensional lumber that can be stacked 3 to 4 deep at a time. Engineered wood products, I-joists, glue-lam, LSL, LVL can now be precision end trimmed (PET) with the Hundegger Whole House Saw.

Hundegger continues to define what a linear saw can do for the truss component industry in our software optimization, batching developments and unique profile mills. With the COMPLETE saw, any type of cut or joinery and profiles used in carpentry, can also be quickly and efficiently processed with the SC-1.
-Any size Lumber from ½" x 1 ½" to 7" x 18"
-Any Length
-Auto Loading
-Auto Discharge

Data can be interfaced to the machine from a variety of CAD programs and most design programs. Through the user-friendly Hundegger software, single parts are easily programmed using common carpentry terms. Ask you software provider about their Hundegger "Whole House Saw" interface.

***Pricing includes factory installation and operator training.

Priced at $129,400