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The Triad Steel Stud Framing Table is the newest innovation in framing table technology. This table was designed for ease in operation and minimal set-up time to drastically increase production capabilities of complete steel stud wall panels. Materials can be laid-up quickly using our patented color-coded stud locators. The studs can then be fastened effortlessly with the new Twin Screw Dolly, Cutting production time to just minutes. The Steel Stud Framer provides the flexibility to fasten materials from 2 X 4 to 2 X 8 and can be used for squaring, framing, and sheathing operations. (Router Bridge and Screw Bridge are also available).

A unique feature of the Steel Stud Framing Table is the new Triad Twin Screw Dolly. The Dolly employs two electric industrial screw guns (Model of screw gun can be specified upon order), which simultaneously controlled at every stud and will drive through materials of differing gauges at the touch of a button. Each gun automatically retracts after the screw reaches the appropriate depth and the operator can move the dolly smoothly along the patented dolly rail to the next stud.