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Triad's Specialty Wall and Rake Wall Tables are designed to handle all of your specialty wall needs, including:  Rake Walls, Knee Walls, Balloon Walls, Gable Walls, etc.

By taking all time-consuming specialty walls off the primary productions line, you will increase your overall lineal footage output and guarantee a more consistent product.
Triad's Specialty Wall Tables can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Machine Specifications:

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Standard working height:  30"
  • Standard length:  3'6" to 40'8" (for wall height)
  • Table width:  8' (for wall length)
  • Manually adjustable rake side, 0 to 12/12 pitch on Rake Wall Table
  • Specialty Wall Table has two parallel sides with pivot center for building rake walls if desired
  • Cast iron stud location flippers on the fixed side and steel pins are adjustable on the rake side.  Stud locators are counterbalanced and retract when studs or components are placed on them.
  • Drum switch on each end of the table for wall height adjustment and for wall panel clamping and squaring
  • Power height adjustment and clamping, 16 ½ ft. of travel
  • Heavy duty table top on each side of the table
  • Adjustable squaring stops for walls not starting at neutral, in ¼" increments up to 12"
  • Rack and pinion gears operated by an electric motor with brake, gear box, and torque limiter for clamping and squaring the wall panel.  Includes a blow-by to keep track clear of debris
  • Continuous squaring lip for precision squaring of wall panels
  • Leveling bolts on legs for table leveling
  • Automatic or Manual Tool Dollies with 2 nailing tools on the straight side of the table Rake Wall Table. Two Tool Dollies are recommended for the Specialty Wall Table.  The Tool Dollies fasten 2 X 4, 2 X 6 and 2 X 8 studs.  One quick-connect coupler is mounted on the dolly for an optional hand held tool
  • Center floor grates are approximately 8 ½" high
  • Adjustable center support bars, one with stud locators
  • Pop-up Rollers for material transfer