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The Specialty Steel Stud Framing Table  was designed to handle the problems aligned with labor and space intensive rake and gable walls.

By taking all of your time-consuming specialty walls off your primary line, or in most cases off of the floor, you will increase your overall output and guarantee a more consistent quality product.

Triad’s Steel Stud Specialty Wall Table has one "straight" end and one adjustable pivot end for a 0 to 12/12 pitch. Made with heavy-duty steel construction, table size is determined by customer needs and specifications.

The new Steel Stud Specialty Wall Table adjusts and clamps utilizing rack and pinion gears operated by an electric motor with brake, gear box, and torque limiter. A continuous squaring lip on the top of the straight end and pivot end aids in producing a quality wall.

Triad also produces the revolutionary Twin Screw Dollies, with two screw guns for simultaneous top and bottom fastening, which can be moved along rails mounted on the ends of the table. Dollies simply operate with push button fire to fasten stud and tracks. Triad’s Twin Screw Dollies are capable of fastening 2x4, 2x6, and 2x8 material. After the wall is completed, optional pop-up rollers aid in the product removal.