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The "Just in Time" inventory concept simply means getting the parts you need, for your manufacturing process, when you need them and where you need them.  This concept has been utilized all over the world with great success, and with high profitability, due to lower inventory costs.

Triad has developed a system that will aid you in your wall panel production, bringing you closer to "just in time".  The S-Cat and Ro-Cat work together, enabling the pre-assembly of window and door bucks as needed ahead of, and in line with the framing station.

Ro-Cat (Rough Opening Component Assembly Table) takes these pre-nailed header and sill units and provides a means to positively square the units.  An operator joins them to a pair of trimmers.  By manually dropping the squaring lip; the finished window or door buck is pushed off onto skate wheel conveyor, staged for the very next wall to be built.  The Ro-Cat has been designed for easy operator access to all nailing positions from 1'6" x 6'9" to 10'0" x 10'0" with no set up.

Special Features:

  • No set up

  • Easy to use

  • One Man Operation

  • Pop Down Squaring Stops


  • Length 120"

  • Width 120"