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Triad's newest Co-Nailer, the Flow-Through Component Nailer, was designed, with customer in-put, to cover all component manufacturing needs.  Adjustable, mounted guns allow for unmatched versatility.  Foot-pedal firing gives the speed rates required in your high-production plant.  Importantly, the Triad customer still gets to clamp and square components while firing.

Apartment builders, developers and other volume contractors can save high priced labor and materials by putting a FTN to work right at the job site.

The FTN can be a profit center for lumber yards and building supply outlets by converting odd lengths of lumber and idle man hours into producing components that builders need, and they can be made for less cost than your customers can build them for on the job.

A production machine capable of turning out all the sub-components you need, using less labor and less expensive materials.
All Triad machines are designed and engineered to the customer's specifications.  Since 1960, Triad has been the trend setter in the design and production of machinery for the multibillion dollar automated housing industry.  Then, as today, our philosophy is "Quality Without Compromise."
Thanks to that philosophy, we have become the world's largest manufacturer of framing equipment.  Quality machines and quality service you can count on.

Machine Specifications

  • Dimensions:  Height 4' Length 21' Width 5'
  • Table Length:  122"
  • Maximum Clamp Opening:  12" X 12" to 3" X 3"
  • Approx. Shipping Weight:  1500 lbs.
  • Power Requirements:  1-1/2 cfm at 100 psi
  • Controls:  Foot Pedal
  • Color:  Triad Tan
  • Clamping:  Vertical: 300 lbs. @ 100 PSI
  • Horizontal: 300 lbs. @ 100 PSI