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The Econ-o-framer comes to you ready to use, no assembly is necessary.  It is also very versatile and quickly mounts on a trailer for easy moving to a new job.  The Econ-o-framer is fast on in-line plant use or on the job site.  The exclusive Triad stud locaters are on 16" and 24" centers and are color coded for fast, efficient assembly.  The Econ-o-framer has leveling shoes on each leg to ensure quality operation of the wall framer on almost any hard surface.  Optional transport unit available.  Adjustable squaring stops for placement ensure accurate assembled walls the first time.  The Econ-o-framer is made heavy to last a lifetime of heavy use.  It is priced economically to fit your budget and will help you assemble quality wall in less time.

Gun Dollys
The Econ-o-framer has gun dollys on roller bearings on both sides which travel along a rail the length of the wall as you work.  The hand tools adjust quickly for nailing 2X4 or 2X6 studs and can be removed in seconds for change if necessary.  There are no special mounts required on the hand tool itself.  Efficient hand tools go hand in hand with Triad's Econ-o-framer.

Quick Control
The Econ-o-framer, allows you to assemble up to 80' stud walls.  With a quick turn of the hand wheel and rack and pinion gears, it will adjust from 7' up to 9'2" in height.  Your specific height can then be locked in for consistent quality walls.

Air Activated Rollers
When the wall has been securely and accurately nailed, air activated rollers on each side pop up the finished wall for quick removal.