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Stud Locating Flipper
Cast iron stud locating flippers are an exclusive of Triad.  The flippers are counterbalanced into the upright position.  When need be, they lay down out of the way.  Stud locators can be 12", 16" or 24" on center and be color coded.  The locator brackets are slotted in order to assure exact center placement during table setup.

Touch Control
The latest state of the art in operator controls for raising and lowering the roller conveyor and for activating the power width adjust for wall height changes as well as power clamping the walls prior to nailing.  The operator simply touches the ribbon control to activate it from any position along the table's length.  Saves operator steps and time.

Standard Controls
A drum switch is used to activate the standard electric power width adjust from 6'9" to 9'3" and to clamp the wall square prior to nailing.  A throw switch is used to raise and lower the roller conveyor.

Tool Dolly Rails
The tool dollies ride on solid steel rails.  This solid rail system is bolted to the main framework of tubular steel for engineered strength.  Two bolts are used in order to allow for precise adjustment of the rail for lining up the tool dollies.  The nycoil air line for the tool carriage also attaches to the down rigger to keep the air line off of the floor.

Roller Conveyor
The roller conveyor is nested below the working surface to protect the rollers.  When activated, the rollers rise up raising the framed wall out of the stud locators for removal of  the end of the table.  A solid squaring lip is provided the full length of the table for squaring the walls.

Pop Up Rollers
The rollers are activated up and down by air cylinder from the under side of the table.  The air exiting from these cylinders is muffled to enhance Triad's quiet quality.  You will also note the air cylinder uses a tubular guide body to assure the cylinder's long life and lasting quality, eliminating the stress of the cylinder itself.

Power Width Adjust
Rack and pinion gears are used in conjunction with an electric motor with brake, gear box and torque limiter for a positive clamping action for squaring walls prior to nailing. Table width adjust can be activated by a drum switch or touch control ribbon by custom order.


  • Height  28" from floor
  • Width  6'9" to 9'3", 6'9" TO 10'3", 6'9" TO 12'3"H
  • Working length 16', 20' 24' (Additional lengths optional)
  • Actual length 1'6" longer than working length
  • Shipping weight Approx. 2,000 pounds for 20' table
  • Air required ½ NPT 10 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • Electric Power 110V, 1PH