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The material is laid in and clamped into position by nine clamping bars located along the length of the table.  Bars are spaced to give a minimum of four point clamping of components two feet or longer.  The bars are quickly adjusted for different component widths by quick change pins.  Using 100 PSI air supply the side clamping force is 475 lbs.  The squaring stop is used for components up to ten feet, and the unique flip-away design allows for longer than ten feet component nailing.

The tools in the vertical position are used for nailing headers up to 2 x 12.  At 100 PSI air supply the vertical clamp exerts 160 lbs. force.  A separate center vertical clamp rod operates for positioning the center blocks of partition lead ins.  This center clamp is automatic.  All pieces of the components are clamped before nailing.
Headers can be built using either one or two tools, depending on the width of the header.  Nails should be driven in a staggered pattern.  A stop is provided to limit accidental nailing of the edge of the work.

Triad Co-Nailers Model CN-4 is designed to first lay-up the material and clamp.  A bridge is passed over the components do the nailing.  This system reduces material handling and allows the operator to check each component before it's nailed.  Inspection prior to nailing (before it's too late) reduces waste and assures quality product.  All materials are clamped from the sides and top before nailing.  The easy gliding tool bridge is then rolled over the component, nailing as often as desired.

When the nailing tools in the side position are switch on, components such as corners, trimmers, partition lead-ins, jack studs, ells, and channels can be assembled.  Both tools advance and nail when activated.  This action utilizes the standard tools with safety brackets unaltered.  Dual push buttons require the operator to have both hands away from the work area when clamping and also when nailing.

Triad's simple controls include dual buttons for clamping, dual buttons for nailing, power on/off switch with pilot light, an unclamp button and four selector switches for the nailing tools.  Electrical controls activating the air systems create a smooth quiet operation, minimal maintenance, and reliable repeatability. 

Apartment builders, developers, and other volume contractors can save high priced labor and materials by putting a CN-4 to work right at the job site.

CN-4 can be a profit center for lumber yards and building supply outlets by converting odd lengths of lumber and idle man hours into producing components that builders need.  And they can be made for less cost than your customers can build them for on the job.

A production machine capable of turning out all the sub-components you need, using less labor and less expensive materials.


  • Dimensions   67"H x 152"L x 54"W

  • Table Length   122"

  • Max Clamp Opening  13"

  • Dolly Travel   138"

  • Components Headers, Corners, Trimmers, Partition Lead-Ins, Jack Studs, Ells, and Channels

  • Clamping Vertical 160 lbs. at 100 PSI

  • Horizontal 475 lbs. at 100 PSI

  • Nine Clamping Bars, One Vertical

  • Approximate Shipping Weight 1,500 lbs.

  • Power Requirements CN-4  1 ½ CFM at 90 PSI

  • Two amp at 120 VAC

  • Controls Dual Push Button