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Triad's header and trimmer component nailing machine is the professional's choice.  This component machine is designed for the utmost in efficiency.  Built from sound engineering with quality materials and backed by more than 40 years of experience within the housing industry.

Designed to speed output while using less manpower, you save valuable time and money.

This state-of-the-art machine operates by foot pedal control, clamping and squaring material prior to nailing.  Each tool can be selected to nail material from 2 x 3 to 2 x 12.  Give yourself the edge and let Triad's years of field proven reliability go to work for you.

Separate on/off switches are used to turn off the nailing tools that are not required.  The guns activate only after contact with material has been made.

The foot pedal activates the side clamp first to square up the component, and with a split second's delay clamps down the tools and clamp release allowing the operator to position the component for the second nailing.

The side clamp is easily adjustable for various size material by moving the cylinder to the various holes provided.  The side clamping cylinder creates up to 800 lbs. Of pressure for straightening culled lumber.

The squaring stop is used to square up your component prior to driving the first nail.   Once nailed it's flipped out of the way so the component can be rolled through for further nailing.  The stop is located conveniently in front of the operator.

The nailing tools are off set for nailing wider dimensional lumber to prevent splitting of the material.  The solid steel tool bar provides a rigid, straight line with each nailing tool mounted on adjustable castings.

The nailing tools are mounted with Triad's exclusive mount blocks for quick detachment of tools if need be.  Also, quick disconnects are used on all air lines and special trigger activating system.  Flow control mufflers help to extend machine life and reduce sound.

Triad's special tool mounts are adjustable for nail placement.  Simply loosen the bolts and slide the mounts to the desired nail spacing.  Cast against steel creates a natural bushing eliminating costly wear and assuring longer machine life and quality.   Just one more reason to go with TRIAD.


  • Electrical: 120V/SP  3 AMP
  • Air:  100 PSI @  3 CFM
  • Color:  Tan
  • Weight:  Approx. 860 lbs.
  • Height:  7'
  • Depth:  4'
  • Length:  11' with 10' of rollers installed
  • Tools:  Customer to designate name brand and type
  • Capacity: From 2 x 3 to 2 x 12 material up to 6"