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  • Improve production with the component cutter that is Ideal for both floor and roof truss webs
  • No wasted time with the 4-14's fast set-up time - average 1.0 minute
  • First-cut - every cut!  accuracy eliminates test runs - increasing productivity from 25 to100% 
  • Protect your operator with the improved safety features - meets OSHA guarding standards 

Unique saw blade angulation allows 4x2-inch floor truss webs to be cut as short as 11 inches in length. With the pivot axis of the saw blade only 2-1/2 inches from one edge, the short side of the saw blade is ideal for cutting floor webs. Increased angular capacity makes the long side of the blade available for roof truss members.

The Timber Mill 4-14 features pivot axis elevation (PAE) for each set of angulating blades. Power setting of pivot axis elevation allows changing from 2x4 to 2x6 webs in seconds.

Four 16-inch blades provide great flexibility for cutting up to 2x8 material.

Available in two models:

Timber Mill 4-14G    - Manual controls - all from one side.
Timber Mill 4-14GD - Electronic digital controls - faster set-up