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Touchscreen Control:
  • Easy to train new users.
  • Easy to understand graphic interface.
  • Graphics show the orientation to the lumber.
  • Pop-up messages prompt user lumber movements.
  • No keypad to wear out.
  • Durable NEMA 12 rating.
Standard Components:
  • Standard cables and electronics.
  • Off the shelf components from brand name manufacturers.
  • Tough servo motor technology - same as industrial robotics and machine tool industry
"Cut and Slide" Feature:
  • For pieces with a single cut on one end.
  • Eliminates the need to rotate lumber end to end excessively.
  • Allows the lumber to be cut on one end then slid to the left against the stop for next (and following) cuts.
Safety-Cut" Feature:
  • Safely cut wedges and very short pieces from any length stop to keep sawyer's fingers away from blade.
  • "Safety-Cut" is automatic for all pieces shorter than a user defined limit.
  • Sawyer sets initial length for clean cut long stock.
  • Computer sets both angles and the cut off length.
Simple Calibration:
  • System finds home position for each axis.
  • "One button" calibration.
Label Parts:
  • Label every part cut (labelmaker purchased separately)
  • Design your own format
On-Screen Diagnostics:
  • Get back up and running faster with installed diagnostic information.
  • Constantly monitors components