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Triad's Open Stringer Saw (OSS) was engineered, with customer in-put, to meet an industry need.  Stair builders of all sizes from across the country were telling Triad that there was no efficient and safe manner to cut open stringers or do a 45 degree miter cut in a "skirt-board" -- now they can do both with the help of the OSS.  A simple, yet effective, user-friendly way to lift the productivity of any size stair shop and make you the competition to beat!

Machine Specifications:

  • Semi-Automated
  • PLC Controlled
  • Key Pad Entry
  • Material Ranges from 1 X 10 - 2 X 12
  • Clamping Force of 300 lbs
  • Automated Indexing
  • Manual Adjustment for Cut Angle
  • Manual Adjustment to 45 Degree Miter
  • Two Heavy Duty 18" Carbide Blades
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction for Long Life
  • Blow-Off Hose
  • Built-In Leveling Feet
  • 15' of In-Feed Conveyor and 10' of Out-Feed Conveyor Included with the Machine
  • 240 VAC 3 Phase 30 AMP