Recond Klaisler GR14-24 78' Press w/WizardPDS

Reconditioned Klaisler GR14-24 78' Press System with WizardPDS® Automation. Gantry with 14' X 24" Roll, Soft Start Drive with Brake, Operator Platform, Inverted (under table) Track System, Steel/Plastic Top Jig Tables.

To be equipped with AUTOMATED PIN - WIZARD PDS® - PERIMETER DEFINITION SYSTEM complete with: WizardPDS® drop-in ChannelS® spaced approximately 24” o/c, length customized to your specification.

-Installation & Operator Training Included

-Machine Reconditioned and includes Warranty

Options Available:

-Convert to all steel top work surface ... Call EMSI for pricing.

-Side Ejection of truss via Side Off Roller Conveyor.

-EMSI 80' Indoor Powered Truss Conveyor ... Call EMSI for pricing.

-Finish Press ... Call EMSI for pricing.

-Outdoor Truss Conveyor and/or stacking systems ... Call EMSI for pricing.

-Eliminate 99% of the set-up time and ALL manual jigging. Retrofit all or any portion of the table with WizardPDS drop-in Channels.....Call for pricing

Click HERE for Eide Integrated Systems website and more information on the WizardPDS.

Priced at ... Call