Depauw Combi-Cut Saw

Used/As-is - Working condition as taken from service.
Updated electronics.
Includes full length shaker/scrap conveyor.

The Combi-Cut is designed to give you safety, speed of operation, and versatile and reliable performance. The machine will cut flat and upright 2x4 lumber to lengths up to 10, and any angle on either end. Perfect for cutting webs, blocks and other short members. All setup operating tasks are accomplished at the front of the machine. (4) 14" diameter saws are independently mounted, independently adjusted to cutting angle. A fifth 14" dia. saw is front mounted and cuts lumber to length before entering machine; allowing rapid reload of cut-off pieces. Magazine-fed conveyor system has an output rate of 2,000 pieces/hr.

-2x4 lumber flat or upright.

-(5) 14 diameter saw blades. All blades carbide tipped.

-Fixed speed, feed rate 34 parts/minute.

-Machine wired for 480v.

-Aluminum engraved scales for length; digital readout for angle.

-Saw angle adjustment - remote pushbutton control, motor-driven saw tilt positioning for each quadrant.

-999-0 piece predetermining counter. Counts down to 0 and sound signal.

-Wiring Overhead suspension.

-Emergency shutoff Operator palm button, bump bar and lumber jam switches.

-Completely enclosed saws.

-Shaker style (vibrating) waste conveyor/belt scrap conveyor.

Options Available Include:

-Service & Update as required - Contact EMSI for details & pricing

-Fully Reconditioned with 30 day warranty - Contact EMSI for details & pricing.

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Priced at $19,900.00